More than 30 years of experience

Take advantage of our more than 30 years of experience in theft prevention. Since 1992, we have been dealing with theft in several thousand stores, department stores, supermarkets, gas stations, libraries, industrial and office buildings and family homes. We know the tricks of thieves.We know how they steal and what to do against this.

Installation and service

We install and service anti-shoplifting systems, security systems against burglary, automatic entry systems and camera systems throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries with the help of our own employees or through our trained technicians of our business partners.

Online solution

Anti-shoplifting systems, customer counters, security and camera systems – all this can be controlled remotely from a computer or via mobile phone. You have an overview of what is happening with you. There is no need to send a technician to the installation site to change the system settings – you will save on the cost of a service technician.

Quality at the best possible prices

Security systems need to be high quality and work perfectly to make sense. At the same time, they must be installed by trained, experienced and careful technicians. But we are aware that price is also very important. That is why we work hard to always provide you with the best possible ratio between quality and price. We have reasonable prices.

Latest technologies

We offer a complete range of security devices, including the latest news. Our service technicians are continuously trained on the latest technologies, so you can use the best that has been devised to solve the problem so far.

Production and export Centurion

We manufacture part of the assortment ourselves, supply and export it under our Centurion brand. We can also tailor-make detection gates for the protection of goods, deactivators of self-adhesive labels for cash boxes. On request, we can also produce non-standard security labels for goods.