Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 kHz Electronic Article Surveillance Anti-shoplifting System

Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 kHz

Antenna design:
Anodized aluminium profile
Can be used as an ad panel - to insert a shop advert

Perfect detection of all AM 58 kHz protecting elements
Suitable for all types of shops
Light and acoustic alarm
, possibility of another external alarm
Built-in customer counter (in order to use the counter, at least two antennas and CCAP convertor are necessary)
Possibility to connect to the Analytics online system
Remote service option (requires a CCAP converter connected to the Internet)
Automatic Smart Sensitivity Control
The software allows for automatic antenna configurations
Elimination of mutual interference with the systems that work on the same frequency in the same shopping center - the software allows for a comfortable remote synchronization with the surrounding systems that could be the source of mutual interference
Option to set different alarms for arrival, departure or different parts of multi-antenna systems separately
Option to choose from multiple light alarm colors
Light alarm only at the affected part of the given passage
Possibility to confirm alarms by the customer counter (eliminates false alarms in extremely interfered environments; at least two antennas are necessary)
Built-in detection of signal jammers
Option to set customer arrival /departure passage detector upon entering / leaving the store (at least two antennas are necessary)
Possibility to control other electronic devices (such as camera activation) via two programmable I/O inputs/outputs and one relay

Built-in detection of tinfoil, metal and magnets, discreetly warning shop staff
Transparent slide-in panels
Advertising slide-in panels
Black paint


Antenna Dimensions: 1 535 x 302 x 45 mm
Base Dimensions: 302 x 45 mm

Basic Configuration:
1-antenna (TRX) - transmitter and receiver is connected to one common antenna - transceiver (TRX), detection field is on both sides of the antenna.

Expanded configuration:
For wider passages, the system can be expanded by adding more antennae TRX or RX.
Thus, for example, 2-antenna (TRX+TRX or TRX-RX) or 3-antenna (TRX+TRX+TRX or RX-TRX-RX) etc.

Detection distances, passage width:
up to 240 cm for hard tags (120 cm on each side of the antenna)
up to 180 cm for labels (90 cm on each side of the antenna)
(maximum detection distance in ideal undisturbed environment)