We deal with technical facilities reducing shoplifting, particularly in retail stores

We design, supply, install and service:

  • Electronic Article Surveillance systems in shops
  • metal, tinfoil and magnet detection systems in shops
  • systems of counting of shop customers and people in other premises
  • automatic and mechanical entrance devices of shops and other premises
  • surveillance mirrors
  • passage detectors
  • camera systems
  • burglar alarm systems for shops and other premises

in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Hungary and other countries with our own employees or through by us trained technicians of our business partners

Wholesale, Installation, Service

  • We operate as a wholesaler for retail shop owners, including installation and service
  • We supply worldwide anti-theft security elements of goods for all technologies and frequencies of Electronic Article Surveillance systems of all manufacturers
  • We also operate as a wholesaler for assembly companies (you install and service systems yourself or we install and service systems at your customer through a subcontractor)


  • We design and manufacture part of our assortment ourselves
  • We are manufacturers of bespoke Electronic Article Surveillance antennae and Electronic Article Surveillance security elements
  • Since 1999 we have been supplying and exporting our Electronic Article Surveillance systems under Centurion brand name


  • We provide sales and service on behalf of many of the world's leading manufacturers of Electronic Article Surveillance systems and related technologies


  • Since 1992 we built up extensive experience in the field of Electronic Article Surveillance systems

Training and Consultancy

  • We provide training for shop owners and staff (how to handle the Electronic Article Surveillance system, analyses of shoplifting causes and how to reduce them, shoplifters tricks)
  • We provide training for companies installer technicians.
  • We provide advice on goods security in shops

Project preparation

  • We provide project preparation for constructions (component placement, cabling)


  • To help retail stores to reduce theft and increase profits !
  • We strive to see that only goods paid for leave your shop !