Theft prevention solution based on the latest technologies and many years of experience.

(EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance)

Tricks of thieves

With more than 29 years of experience in securing goods and objects, we know the tricks of thieves and know how to prevent theft.

Custom production

In addition to mass-produced components, we are also able to produce custom components for your project.

The new PLEXUS AM45 plexiglass system

The new PLEXUS AM45 plexiglass system

PLEXUS AM45 is an all-glass (acrylic) antenna.
Maximum transparency - fits perfectly into any interior of the store, where it will discreetly fulfill its security function.
In the event of an alarm, the entire antenna area lights up in color. The alarm color can be set - for different types of alarm events.

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System Stead Flat RF 8,2 MHz

System Stead Flat RF 8,2 MHz

The most common radio-frequency Czech made anti-shoplifting system. Optional People Counter and Metal / Booster bag detection.